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Last year, we brought in a new online system to help all clubs with the age old problem of getting marshals to help improve road safety for all road users. Thanks to all involved we had a 98% take up on the plan with nearly all playing their part in improving road safety. As Wexford cycling meet over the winter it became apparent that concerns grew also over the need for help to run the open races within the county, if you recall 2 open races we set to be axed only for each club to come together and run the events on the one circuit on the one day. So this year we have incorporated the Liam Bennett TT league, and all then open races for where people can help out. 

We have done away with the race number this year and the charge is a flat fee of €15. For those who have paid they will be allowed free entry into the county championships, entry to the Counties will be at least €15 per person, so in affect your registration is free if you support the counties. We have changed also the profile to include your club and license number. Some of the parts in your profile is mandatory and the medical part is totally voluntary. We would ask you to fill it in, as it will be in total confidence, but in the case of a serious accident it gives the race promoter access to vital information that might be needed for the ambulance if you were in a serious accident.

We have over 35 events this year within the county alone for those who want to race, asking each rider to give up two of them really isn’t a big ask considering the trojan work that is done by all behind the scenes all we ask if some help.

Yours in Sport
Derek Webb
Chairman of Wexford Cycling
087 0617165


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